Greatist climbs the wall of social success

Healthy living outlet Greatist keeps its followers up to date on all manner of things related to the “healthyish” generation. A recent video showing off a wild piece of exercise equipment soared to huge numbers. The video currently has 8.1 million views, 22,000 comments, 19,000 reactions, and a stunning 71,000 shares. Those are figures that most publishers can only dream about!

Check out the video below:

That’s really a fascinating exercise device, and that curiosity factor is one of the keys to this video’s success.

Greatist knows its audience is interested in health-related content, but they also know that novelty has a lot of potential on social. This clip pulls on both those threads.

It’s suited directly to the interests of their followers and target audience, but the “wow” factor of the Treadwall gives the video a very broad appeal on social.

Aside from a brief appearance by Spider-man, the video sticks solely to it subject. It shows a mix of video clips of different people using the Treadwall.

Notably, every clip of the Treadwall being used is taken from a different angle. This offers some visual variety.

The creators keep the piece to a quick 36 seconds, the last several of which are given over to their branding and call-to-action. By keeping the piece brief, viewers are likelier to make it to the end and that ever-important CTA.

Of course, the square format is the best bet on social these days. Square guarantees that your videos have full-sized previews on Facebook, drawing more attention to your content.

And, in another social-friendly move, text-overlay is used to tell the story in this piece. A color box helps the text stand out over the varied video backgrounds, and the creators use color to highlight key phrases as well.

We’ll be back next week with another excellent, Wochit-made video. In the meantime, take a minute to learn some of the dos and don’ts of text overlay with our post on 3 Mistakes to Avoid When using Text in Videos.

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