GoFundMe scored a viral hit on Memorial Day

Crowdfunding site GoFundMe scored a viral hit with a Memorial Day video. It currently has a staggering 16 million views! The engagement figures are just as impressive, with over 102,000 reactions and more than 341,000 shares.

Take a look at the touching piece below:

It’s easy to see why so many connected with this story. Packaged and presented in an expert social video, the creators did everything right in setting the stage for a viral hit.

The subject is heartwarming and sure to evoke a wide range of emotions for viewers. The timing of the piece – shared on Memorial Day – magnifies its emotional impact and taps into the social conversation going on in the moment.

The production is also perfectly executed for maximum impact on social.

At a quick 40 seconds, there video falls in the 30-seconds-to-1-minute sweet be spot for viral videos on Facebook. Our research has shown that videos in that range are among the likeliest to go viral.

This piece also utilizes great video assets. Moving images are more captivating for viewers. Here the creators move smoothly between action shots and a brief interview clip.

Text-overlay is used to tell the story, allowing users on the go to still enjoy and understand the video. The text is kept short and succinct so as not to overwhelm viewers.

The creators close with a great CTA that encourages sharing the video while gently reinforcing it’s inspirational nature.

While a viral hit can never be predicted, following best practices makes it all the likelier. GoFundMe crafted an expert social video, and it paid off big time!

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