Glamour España Tackles Video with Finesse

Glamour España is crafting high quality social videos with Wochit, and tapping directly into the interests of their audience. With rich assets, a focus on fashion, trends, and celebrity, they’re reeling in views and engagements. This recent piece on Kendall Jenner’s style and love of fanny packs is a perfect example of their social content.

Have a look at the video below:

This piece embraces the classic, horizontal format with distinct style and flair. The creators keep the visual assets front and center, literally. They use animated text to tell comment on the outfits and run down the list of 8 of Kendall’s fanny pack looks.

The text is clean and simple, but distinct. It has a very particular, intentional look that matches the Conde Nast branding seen at the video’s close. The creators smartly use color to highlight the heading and bold text to mak key words pop.

Of course, the use of text allows the video to be viewed in any setting, even on mute. But for those with the sound on, an upbeat song carries the video along.

The piece is also a brief 33 seconds, perfectly timed for social impact. Our research has shown the most successful Facebook videos run from 30 to 60 seconds in length.

This piece is also conceptualized with an eye towards maximum social success. The listicle format is an extremely popular content style on social, both in video and written form.

The creators are also tapping directly into their target audience here. This piece pulls together celebrity, fashion, and a new trend (fanny packs) into one succinct package. These are classic elements of what Glamour’s audience turns to the publisher in search of.

All around, this is an exceptional, stylish piece. It’s distinct, polished look really pops! We can’t wait to see more great videos from Glamour España!

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