Essence wins gold with Olympian Gabby Douglas

Essence cleared some enormous engagement numbers on Facebook with their social video all about Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas. Almost 4 million views and 60 thousand shares, as well as more than 60 thousand reactions and 4 thousand comments, they clearly know the kind of content their audience wants and responds to! Check out the Wochit-made piece below:

Talk about inspirational! This piece is all about positive emotion, pushing back against some negative criticism leveled at Gabby by celebrating her achievements as an athlete, author, and icon. We know that tapping the emotions of viewers – especially the positive kind – drives engagement actions across social, and to huge numbers here.

Another element that makes this video so primed for engagement is its timeliness. When this video was shared, Gabby was fresh off the gold medal win with the U.S. women’s gymnastics team (a team that continues to be much-talked about on social and in the press). A trending topic combined with a positive angle that spoke to their audience is a huge factor in this video’s success.

Make no mistake, though, it is also a very well crafted piece. It opens with one of the stunning vaults that led Gabby to take home the individual all-around gold medal at the 2012 Olympics. Well-placed, concise text overlay drops in to frame the video, steps out to let critical tweets speak for themselves, then returns to highlight big moments from the athlete’s life and career.

Behind it all is driving, inspirational music that sits well with the tone and the incredible footage of the Olympian. And while the video runs almost two minutes – a little bit long for most social clips these days – the expert craftsmanship, timeliness of the subject, and emotional resonance of the message has clearly kept viewers captivated. A bonafide #WochitWin for Essence!

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