The Cutest Moment of Euro 2016

This week’s video, from French publisher L’Express, shows just how powerful trending content can be.

Following France’s unexpected loss to Portugal in the Euro 2016 championship match on Sunday, the images of a young boy in a Portugal jersey comforting an adult fan of the French team had everyone talking. It was the defining image of the game (and of this year’s Euro).

Take a look at the simple, expert presentation of events from L’Express:

The creators know many viewers have just come to see the hug between the boy and the man, so they offer it up in the first ten seconds. Even if a viewer clicks away after the hug, they’ve still been exposed to the magazine’s branding via the unobtrusive overlay, and the video will rack up a view.

After the initial serving, the video steps back a few moments to give the long view of the scene and framing the story with text. Even so, the total video runs only 38 seconds, perfectly short for social.

It’s an excellent, straightforward presentation of a big trending topic at the beginning of the week. Everyone was talking about this moment following the championship match, and L’Express expertly pushed their video out mid-morning on Monday (in Europe), instead of late Sunday night.

This positioned it to be seen and shared throughout the day and week, and that approach paid off. The clip currently has almost 6 million views, 129,000 reactions, and a whopping 82,000 shares!

Engagement of this type – particularly shares – is critical to staying visible in the changing ecosystem of Facebook’s newsfeed, and tapping into trending topics is a great way to prompt sharing. L’Express saw an opportunity to be part of the conversation while also delivering content that their followers expect and desire. It added up to a big win!

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