Conservative Review handles tragedy with grace

Conservative Review recently turned to Wochit for their video creation needs, and the results are already impressive. Some stories are simply hard to tell, especially the tragic ones. But Conservative Review found a compassionate way to tell such a story. They covered the horrific death of Robert Godwin with grace, telling the story from the human side.Watch the heartbreaking story below:

Telling a story of this kind requires a special touch. You don’t want to appear exploitative or like you’re leveraging shock value. The creators at Conservative Review don’t make those errors, instead telling the story from the heart.

They also utilize great production techniques throughout. Text-overlay tells the story, with a quick break to hear from Godwin’s family near the end of the piece.

A mix of video and still footage is used, the bulk of which is focused exclusively on Godwin. They really make this his story, which is the best way to tell it and to connect with viewers.

Lengthwise, the piece is just about a minute and a half, which is a good length for Facebook.

The creators did their job well here, balancing production values and a tragic story to create an impactful piece of reporting. The results speak for themselves regarding the video’s emotional resonance: nearly 700,000 views, almost 9,000 shares, over 6,000 comments, and 32,000 reactions.

We look forward to all the thoughtful, well-crafted pieces that are sure to come from Conservative Review!

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