Channel NewsAsia Puts Raw Footage to Use

Channel NewsAsia is one of our recent partners in the APAC region. Their coverage spans from their TV network to their own site and across all the major social networks. They use social video to share the latest breaking news and outstanding coverage from the region, like this recent one showing major flooding in Taiwan.

Check out the clip below:

This barebones news piece is a little out of the ordinary, but it does its job perfectly.

The flood footage is really wowing, giving viewers a look at circumstances they don’t often see. Simultaneously it offers a visual update on the storm and floods.

This kind of piece – raw footage without overlay or voiceover – still works well on social through a combination of strong visuals and appropriate share copy. Here, the brief share copy contextualizes the footage just enough for viewers to understand what they’re watching. For those interested in learning more, a link to a Channel NewsAsia article about the flooding is posted as the first comment.

The nice number of views, shares, be and comments show just how well this raw style can work with the right subject and footage. The creators keep the piece brief, too, offering enough footage to evoke a response. The 46 second runtime falls into the sweet spot for Facebook, between 30 seconds and 1 minute.

You’ll also notice the ever-present but subtle branding. A small logo appears in the top right corner of the video, helping viewers identify the publisher and building brand recognition.

While not your typical social video, this piece shows another way that news footage can be successfully presented on social. Sometimes the raw footage is all it takes! We look forward to more coverage from Channel NewsAsia using Wochit!

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