CBS News scores a hit with Hillary

Like every news publisher big and small, CBS News is steeped in coverage of the U.S. presidential election. This week they crafted a masterful social video with Wochit. It looks at the history of female political pioneers in the context of Hillary Clinton becoming the first female presidential nominee of a major party in the United States. The video struck a chord, racking up thousands and thousands of likes and views.

Take a look at the well-made, inspiring piece:

The creators chose excellent assets for this piece. Much of the video footage and still images show off their subjects in their political context, highlighting their success and authority. The imagery is also upbeat, full of smiles and cheering crowds, which is in tune with nature of the video as celebratory of female trailblazers,

Text-overlay is handled expertly here, as well. It animates smoothly, presenting its information in an eye-catching way. Key phrases are highlighted to draw attention and passages are kept short. The occasional use of ellipses draws viewers from one slide to the next.

The fine-tuned text overlay and strong imagery mean the video works perfectly even without sound. But for viewers with the sound turned on, it features a fast-paced, uplifting backing track that propels the video forward and matches the upbeat angle of the piece.

CBS News offers up a near-perfect example of a social video with this piece. They have been rewarded in kind with views, likes, comments, and shares. Any video creator would be wise to take cues from well-crafted video.

Check back next week for another case study in expert social videos!

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