Captain America…a traitor?

This week, we’re highlighting a video from Entertainment Weekly, one of Time Inc.’s numerous influential brands (we recently had the great pleasure of announcing a new partnership with Time Inc.)

This piece tackles a recent twist in Marvel’s Captain America comic books. Before we get to the great craftsmanship, take a look at how smartly the clip is framed. The share text is written to pique the interest of potential viewers and leverage their curiosity. What’s the “shocking revelation”? You can only find out by watching…

This is an expert social video. It clocks in at a brief 44 seconds, adhering to that tight, under-one-minute timeline that sees the most success. It also utilizes text overlay to push all the details of the story, meaning it works just as well with or without sound.

Given the huge success of the character Captain America in Marvel’s recent series of films, it’s only natural to pull some video footage from those films to complement this story. Not only does the addition of moving images keep the pace up, it also creates a direct line to the recent blockbuster hit focused on the character.

This well-crafted piece just begs to be watched, and it delivers for the viewer. Join us next week for another high-caliber video produced using Wochit.

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