The Business of Fashion scores a #WochitWin

The Business of Fashion is a fashion-industry focused publisher that we are thrilled to have as part of the Wochit family. They scored their first #WochitWin with this video about the environmental ethics of cheap fashion. It currently has 1.3 million views, over 7,000 reactions, nearly 16,000 shares, and hundreds of comments and replies full of lively discussion.

Have a look:

This a really sharp video! It puts many best practices to use along with a distinct vibe and impactful subject.

The creators embrace the current tenets of social video: square format to stand out, a story told through text overlay, and a video that works overall on mute.

Let’s turn for a moment to the outstanding text overlay in this video. The creators use slight color boxes to make the text pop out on any back ground, and they use color to highlight key words and phrases, drawing the viewer’s eye.

The text here has a lot character, as well, and helps craft the voice of the piece. By isolating key phrases and the sequence and style of animation, the overlay does more than just tell the story, it creates a pace and tone comparable to what might traditionally be expected from voiceover.

Assets throughout this piece are high-quality and striking. While many are still images, the creators intelligently open the piece with a couple of moving clips. Opening a piece with motion simply helps catch the attention of potential viewers during auto-play.

This video looks great, has plenty of momentum, and tackles a compelling subject for The Business of Fashion’s target audience (while also being a topic of interest for people outside the fashion industry). It’s totally crafted for social success, and even closes with a CTA.

We look forward to seeing more great videos from The Business of Fashion!

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