Aftonbladet puts a fine point on social video

Scandinavia’s biggest daily newspaper, Aftonbladet, recently started using Wochit for their video-creation needs. We couldn’t be happier to have them utilizing our platform. Already their creators are sharing excellent clips focused on entertainment, news, and sports. They’ve zeroed in on best practices for social, honing each piece for maximum effectiveness in a tight runtime.

Check out this great piece about the Norwegian teen drama Skam:

The square format is the best bet on Facebook these days, standing out with a full-sized preview in all feeds. This piece is a brisk 34 seconds, falling in the sweet spot of under 1 minute.

The use of text overlay is expert here. Each bit of text is kept short, so as not to overwhelm viewers nor totally overtake the images of their favorite character and actors from the series.

As the video utilizes still assets, the creators deploy a sharp animation alongside the overlay. With each new slide, viewers’ attention is grabbed yet again by a fresh animation.

In the upper right hand corner, you’ll notice a branding stamp, so even viewers who only stop for a moment will identify the video with the publisher. The video closes with a nice, full-screen branded splash, as well.

The last several seconds of the video are dedicated to a call-to-action, encouraging viewers to head over to Aftonbladet’s website. This includes not only a brief look at the page, but a click-through CTA as well. Social video is a great way for publishers to drive traffic back to their site or prompt other engagement. A CTA at the end of a video is always a good idea and an effective measure!

We love what Aftonbladet’s creators are already producing with the Wochit platform, and we can’t wait to see more!

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