Weekly Wochit: 15Post succeeds with a video focus

Spanish-language publisher 15Post has a serious video focus. Video is the core of the their content, especially on social, so it’s no surprise they know how to craft an effective social video. This piece about a small device that lets you 3D print from your smartphone captivated audiences and their engagement. The clip has 2.6 million views (making it a bonafde #WochitWin), over 9,000 reactions, 1,500 comments, and a whopping 52,000 shares! That’s a serious hit.

Check it out:

One of the first things that stands out about this clip are the high-quality visual assets. The video footage 15Post has sourced on this product is excellent and interesting.

The creators of this social clip do a great job of utilizing product video to make an intriguing video that is not – and, importantly, doesn’t feel like – an advertisement. It’s a straightforward look at a fascinating piece of technology that their audience clearly has an interest in.

Text-overlay is used gracefully here to tell the story of the device. The text is large, making it easy to read even for viewers using a small screen, and color highlights key phrases, making them pop out. The text is kep brief and leaves plenty of space for the visuals to speak for themselves. The creators shift the overlay around the screen when the visuals call for it, as well, instead of locking the overlay into a single location.

This expert use of overlay allows the video to tell its story in the absence of sound. Users on the go or with the sound off can enjoy the video fully. They don’t miss a thing, but those with the sound on are treated to an upbeat tune that fits the playful video.

15Post have made themselves experts at social video, and here it really shows!

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