Mother & Baby are doing great things with video

Bauer UK’s Mother & Baby is the UK’s number one pregnancy and baby magazine and website. They recently began using Wochit for their video creation needs and already the results are fantastic. From practical advice to more playful content, the creative team at Mother & Baby is doing a great job of speaking to their target audience through video.

Check out this great piece about foods to help with weaning:

This video sticks to a tried-and-true social format: the list. Viewers know from the top exactly what this piece has to offer. Clear expectations let social audiences know just what they’re giving their time over to.

The creators use still assets for the piece, as the focus of the content is the different foods and commentary. The stills they’ve chosen are high-quality, gorgeous photos with rich and varied colors, sure to keep a viewer’s eye.

By using text-overlay, the creators assure that any viewer, anywhere can enjoy this piece. Animating the text as it comes on and off-screen is a simple way to consistently catch the eye of the viewer, keeping their attention. And, of course, they’re sure not to put too much text on-screen at once, so viewers don’t feel overwhelmed.

The length is just right for social, as well, coming in just around 1 minute. And the piece closes with a CTA directing viewers to Mother & Baby’s website – a great way to direct traffic from social.

All-around, this piece is perfectly optimized for social. The creators at Mother & Baby are doing an awesome job and we look forward to seeing more great videos from them!

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