InStyle Germany makes videos with style

InStyle Germany recently began using Wochit for their video creation needs. Already, the brand’s style and flair are in full display. With great assets, a playful vibe and a focus on the interest of their core audience, their social video content is sure to take off. 

This clip is a social viewer’s dream. It’s short, hitting the less-than-one-minute sweet spot that leads to the highest number of views.

It’s also a list video, and if there’s one thing folks love on social, it’s list-style content. Viewers know what to expect from the get-go, and the creators deliver.

The topic here also targets the publisher’s main audience. Fashion-oriented women around the world turn to InStyle for fashion tips and advice. This kind of practical rundown of styles is exactly the kind of content that audience will connect with.

That connection to a target group helps drive engagement, as viewers who enjoy the piece and find it informative will interact or share it with their own networks. This pushes viewership and helps expand audience overall.

The creators here also put great assets to use. Each slide takes a high-quality fashion shot as its centerpiece, and focuses on the style displayed.

The use of overlay to describe the styles allows this video to work even on mute. So viewers on the go or who just don’t have the sound on can still enjoy the full experience. For those with the volume up, InStyle has included a groovy backing track.

This is overall an excellent video that embraces best practices for social. We look forward to seeing more cool content from InStyle Germany!



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