Weekly Wochit: Cosmopolitan Mexico keeps it simple

Cosmopolitan Mexico landed a #WochitWin with a recent social clip. This straight-forward Facebook video has 1.3 million views, 37,000 reactions, over 13,000 shares, and almost 800 comments. The creators took a great piece of video, translated it for their audience, and watched it take off.

Check out the video below:

This video keeps it simple while still playing directly to social success. It’s square format occupies more space in Facebook feeds, regardless of the device someone is using. Publishers are embracing square more and more to up the visibility and eye-catching factor of their content.

Translating the video’s content into Spanish via subtitles not only makes the content more accessible to Cosmopolitan Mexico’s audience, it also makes it social-friendly. Viewers can enjoy the piece with the sound off, no matter where or how they are viewing. For viewers who speak English, the original audio can still be enjoyed.

The creators embrace the asset here, letting this funny SNL clip speak for itself. They recognize that, beyond translation, the video content works on its own.

Kristen Stewart’s intro bit offers an intersection of celebrity and politics – two favorite subjects on social media. Being Saturday Night Live, these broad subjects are wrapped in humor. Viewers on social love to laugh, so an intersection of humor and a timely subject (here, poking fun at President Trump) is a great recipe for engagement.

The creators knew that the content they had didn’t require much alteration on their part. With a translation in place, the video stands on its own as an enjoyable and naturally engaging piece of social content.

They smartly apply Cosmo’s branding throughout, to remind viewers of the source. And the splash at the end drives viewers to their other social media profiles, a great way to draw audiences across platform.

All in all, a great, straightforward social video!

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