Vogue India Ramps Up Social Creation with Wochit

Vogue India brings the best global and Indian fashion, beauty, and culture to their audiences, from print to social media. They recently chose Wochit for their video creation needs and are leveraging the platform to increase production. Their creators are sharing multiple, high-quality videos on Facebook every single day. The social videos are often tied directly to articles on their own site, like this great piece about Princess Di.

Check out the video below:

The creators here put a variety of tools to use to craft a standout social video. There’s no shortage of memorable, high-quality assets of Princess Di, and this video is overflowing with them. The creators smartly start off with a video clip – that on-screen movement at the beginning of a video helps solidify the attention of viewers.

The square format is a must for social these days, occupying more space in feeds and easily viewable on any screen. Overlay is another social must, ensuring that viewers with the sound off can still fully enjoy the video. The on-screen and off-screen animation of text is another eye catching compenent and one that carries throughout.

The creators close out the video with an engagement driving CTA that asks viewers to tag someone they know. This prompt helps bring more viewers to the video and kickstart conversation.

The subject shouldn’t be overlooked here. Princess Di is a global icon and paying tribute to her is a great angle on social, especially for a culture-oriented brand like Vogue.

This piece is a video complement to a written piece on Vogue India’s own site, which they link in the description of the clip. It’s a simple, effective way to drive social viewers over to their own website. And both the article and video are in a social-friendly, listicle format.

Every single day, Vogue India is pushing out excellent video content. We’re glad they’re using Wochit to do it!


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