Vanity Fair Italy Earns 3x More Instagram Views per Video With Wochit

Launched in 2003, Vanity Fair Italy was the first non-English-language edition of the legendary magazine founded by Condé Montrose Nast in 1913. Its launch in 2003, turned the Italian weekly magazine industry upside down, by introducing a new and much-imitated editorial mix combining fashion and news, entertainment and in-depth reporting.

Since its launch, Vanity Fair Italy’s success has become a case history in international publishing, when its digital audience has broken record after record, surpassing the 14-million-user threshold, with their latest exponential growth in social from Instagram and Instagram Stories.

In 2019, Vanity Fair Italy started using Wochit within their digital team to produce a wide variety of videos without requiring professional video editing skills, increasing their social media presence and improving their website traffic.

With access to the full Wochit Studio editing experience, a vast licensed media asset library, and custom branding, their digital team managed to create videos that average 3X more views on Instagram than non-Wochit videos.

Average Views/ Videos


All of the best performing videos are created with a social audience in mind, using a square format with catchy storytelling through text overlays. They also all follow the listicle format, an all-time favorite for social, that creates clear expectations for the viewer in terms of content and delivery. People like to know what they’re getting into, and a list makes that unmistakable.

Here are the  best performing videos:








Vanity Fair Creators have identified a template that speaks to their audience and managed to optimize it with outstanding results. We can’t wait to see their next successful video format


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