Upsocl scores big numbers with their Facebook imprint, “Breaking”

Upsocl is a Spanish-language publisher focused on spreading the best stories from around the world, with an emphasis on generating awareness and action. They use a dedicated Facebook imprint, “Breaking,” to cover and share the latest stories. Their recent, Wochit-made video has pulled in some nice numbers, with over 1.2 million views and 5,500 shares. It all starts with a simple question: what’s a whale doing in the middle of Paris?

Check out the video below:

From the first moments of the video, the unusual scene – a whale in the middle of Paris – piques curiosity. The preview still alone is more than eye-catching in just about any feed. That immediate hook captures viewers and keeps them watching.

Framing the video around the titular question (What’s a whale doing in the middle of Paris?) also helps draw viewers. Who wouldn’t want to know the story behind this truly unusual scenario?

Out-of-the-ordinary stories like this are what hits are made of on social. They stand out and the interest they generate keeps folks watching and makes them want to share with their own networks.

The creators make great use of text-overlay here, to slowly reveal the nature of the “whale” (in fact, a sculpture meant to raise awareness of environmental issues) in a playful way. The overlay moves positions around the screen, regularly drawing eyes to new quadrants, and different sizes are used to emphasize certain points.

The style of the text also matches perfectly to the channel’s branding, which is ever-present in the top-right and given a splash at the end. Styling your text consistently and in line with your branding helps create familiarity and recognition among social viewers.

Of course, the square format is the best choice for Facebook, where it occupies the most space in a feed, regardless of how someone is browsing.

This just one of Upsocl’s numerous excellent, Wochit-made videos. We’re always eager to see more!

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