Top 5 Digital Video Apps of 2015

When it comes to social media, just photographs are not enough. We want to be able to share our voice – whether it’s a selfie video clip of a few seconds, a video of our best zip-wire descent, or the level we achieved on PlayStation Four’s Destiny. We are increasingly drawn to sites and apps that enable us to record, share and view visual content. Check out the top 5 best video apps of 2015:

video apps

Video Apps roundup 2015:


WhatsApp video app

The beauty of WhatsApp is the ease with which users can send SMS messages, photos, audio-media messages, and videos between different mobile smartphone platforms. WhatsApp uses your internet connection, which means there is no cost to send a message internationally just as you would not be charged to send an email abroad. Users can create groups and enjoy unlimited group conversations, and can even include videos in their chat, transforming WhatsApp into one of the best video apps around!


Periscope video app

Periscope enables you to broadcast a video live from anywhere in the world for free, enabling you to share an experience with someone….or, if you like, with everyone. Your Twitter followers can watch your video in the app, or via the link that you tweet. If they like what they see, they can give you hearts and the more hearts your video gets, the higher it rises in the ‘Most Loved’ list. A similar concept, Wochit, is a video creation platform that enables users to publish their HD videos to their social profiles seamlessly.


Snapchat video app

Snapchat has 100 million daily users with more than 60% creating new content every day; that’s a lot of people snapping a photo or recording a video when the fancy takes them – and then sending it to a friend with a caption or emoji added to make it even more personal (and hopefully entertaining). Users can see if their intended contact is available and share a live video, chatting face-to-face.


wechat video app

WeChat, similar to video apps like WhatsApp, did not start out that way, it is a free messaging and calling app from China that allows users to send free text messages (SMS and MMS), voice and video calls anywhere in the world. Group chats consisting of up to 500 people can be created, and users can also share photos and games. The availability of hundreds of fun stickers, HealthKit data, ‘‘Friend Radar’’ to meet people, and its compatibility with the Apple Watch, can only increase its popularity, as half a billion people connect via WeChat.


twitch video app

Video gaming is huge and watching video games is becoming a top entertainment choice. The world’s leading live social video platform for gamers, Twitch, has more than 100 million community members and more than 1.5 million broadcasters. Competitions from all games and platforms are broadcast live online, and users can view live video game broadcasts and streaming content in high-definition, and chat with friends on the video stream.

In 2015, the demand for recording and viewing better video content is increasing; Amount of video apps is multiplying thanks to the growing number of consumers and video creators alike, both of which are spending larger portions of their day browsing the mobile web (and any awesome content on it). So… Are you a videomaker yet? Start now

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