These 3 brands are creating award-winning videos—will you be next?

We see thousands of videos produced every day at Wochit, and our platform users all around the world create engaging, informative, and powerful stories. We are immensely proud to see those video stories have an impact on our partners’ business outcomes. And today, we’re particularly proud to announce that three of our partners have been recognized with prestigious awards.

JLL, Union for International Cancer Control (UICC), and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital received a variety of accolades at the 17th Annual MarCom Awards, an international competition that recognizes outstanding achievement by marketing and communication professionals. As one of the largest, most-respected creative competitions in the world, contestants from dozens of countries submit about 6,000 print and digital entries each year.

Here’s how each of these organizations used video to further their goals—such as increasing awareness, growing subscriptions, generating leads, and increasing donations—without extensive budget or resources. 

JLL wins for video-infused content marketing strategy

Award: Platinum
Category: Digital Media l Social Media l LinkedIn Site

Award: Gold
Category: Digital Media l Web Video l Marketing

JLL’s global content and marketing teams understood the power of video to engage and compel action—and they wanted to use video to increase engagement with their articles and drive subscriptions to their publications.

The problem was they didn’t have a cost-effective way to scale their video creation while ensuring brand compliance across all of their 80+ global offices.

This submission offers an example of how JLL’s teams around the globe now use Wochit’s enterprise video creation solution to create short videos that drive traffic from social media channels to their editorial content. With access to dozens of centrally approved templates, marketing teams with no professional video experience are able to produce their own videos—in a way that reinforces the brand and message each time. Working with pre-determined templates also allows JLL a cost-effective way to produce a high volume of clips without compromising on quality and production value.

Most importantly, with a regular and steady stream of fresh videos on their LinkedIn page, JLL has dramatically improved click-through
rates to its content and subsequent subscriptions.

JLL also used Wochit to produce a longer-form video designed to promote the brand’s latest issue of their quarterly Global Real Estate Perspective. The video included a call to action linking to the downloadable publication, which generates further leads for the company.

Art Patnaude, Global Content Director at JLL, explains: 

“We really wanted to set out a way to use video consistently in our content marketing. We all know video can be a huge boost for engagement these days, but still we were impressed with the results that came through.”

Union for International Cancer Control brings awareness to World Cancer Day 2021

Award: Gold
Category: Digital Media l Web Video l Nonprofit

UICC is an NGO working to bring attention and resources to one of today’s most pressing health problems—cancer. The small communications staff at this NGO recognized the value of video, but their limited budget and video resources were barriers when it came to integrating video into their marketing strategy.

Partnering with Wochit put the power of video creation in the hands of their internal communications team. They are now able to quickly and cost effectively produce engaging, compelling videos, like this Marcom Awards entry that brings awareness to the organization’s flagship event—World Cancer Day.

UICC also uses Wochit to regularly create videos that spread their message online and elicit emotion through human stories. 

“Wochit provides unfettered access to a whole trove of visual and musical assets—not to mention incredible support—which frees us to focus on crafting our message, connecting with our audience, and bringing to life our stories and the stories our supporters in a way that we would not be able to do otherwise.”

Thuy Khuc-Bilon, World Cancer Day Campaign Manager

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital brings inspirational patient stories to inspire donations

Award: Honorable Mention
Category: Digital Media l Web Video l Nonprofit

St. Jude’s is leading the way the world understands, treats and defeats childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases. Similarly to UICC, the organization valued the power of video to bring human stories to life—but did not have the resources to produce quality video in house.

Using Wochit, the team at St. Jude is now able to create compelling videos, which have proven to expand awareness, engagement and reach across social media platforms, drive traffic to their website, and increase donations.

St. Jude’s Marcom Awards submission shares the story about John, a patient who went from the brink of death to valedictorian of his high school class, in order to bring awareness to the hospital’s Inspire Series.

Congratulations to our Marcom Awards winners!

We offer our sincerest congratulations to JLL, UICC, St. Jude’s, and all of the other 17th Annual Marcom Awards winners. We cannot wait to see what you’ll accomplish next with your video creations.

Would you like to be producing award-winning video? It might not be as far off as you think. 

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