The WFP has a brilliant video series on LinkedIn called “Journey of Food”

woman providing food to children

The World Food Programme (WFP) is at the forefront of the United Nations’ emergency response efforts and has partnered with more than 1,000 national and international NGOs to provide food assistance around the globe to tackle the underlying causes of hunger.

The WFP is based in Rome, Italy, and is funded entirely by voluntary donations and works in 80 countries and has more than 17000 staff worldwide.

Addressing a common challenge for organizations funded by donations, the WFP decided to create a campaign called “Journey of Food” showcasing exactly how individual donations lead to impact, and delivering food assistance in different countries around the world. As the “Journey of Food Yemen” landing page explains:

It starts when you click the donate button…

It ends with food on the plates of 12 million people. 

Follow the journey of your gift and meet the people along the way.

To super-power these landing pages and drive more donations, the WFP created a series of short-form videos that bring the food journey to life. The videos have also been posted by the WFP as a series on its LinkedIn page, raising awareness of the campaign with thousands of views, and driving engagement with thousands of reactions and hundreds of comments.

The WFP’s Journey of Food video series on Linkedin:





The Journey of Food- Malawi

The Journey of Food- Bangladesh

These videos work particularly well for a LinkedIn audience for a few reasons:

  • They follow best-practice by going behind the scenes to show how work gets done, this is something LinkedIn audiences are particularly interested in. 
  • The videos are created in a square format in order to fill more real estate in the LinkedIn feed, making them more visible and more likely to engage audiences by stopping the scroll. 
  • They also employ a very easy-to-follow video structure, by breaking the food journey up into small steps. When combined with striking visuals and a simple copy, the structure keeps audiences tuned in for the whole video. 
  • And playing to another sweet spot for LinkedIn audiences, the WFP also uses a healthy amount of data and numbers to underline key parts of the food journey. 

The “Journey of Food” video series shows that the WFP’s social media team has a deep understanding of LinkedIn audiences. We are proud of the amazing work WPF has done with video creation for fundraising and donor relations and we are looking forward to seeing more great WFP videos to help support their cause.

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