SYFY finds Video Creation to be Quick and Easy with Wochit

TV channel SYFY recently turned to Wochit for their video creation needs and they’re already headed to the stars. Their creators are sharing multiple videos a week covering all the media and events that interest their core, science fiction and fantasy audience. Our platform has helped them expand and simplify their video production efforts.

Ciera Carhart, a creator with SYFY’s team, talked about her experience with our platform: “Wochit is really simple to use and I love that we were able to integrate our graphics package that we’re using so easily into the application. It’s making it possible for us to have really quick turnaround with our social videos and I love that I can seamlessly create a video in either square format or 16×9, something that with video editing software would have taken me hours. This has opened up new business for us that wouldn’t have been possible without it.”

Ciera and her colleagues have some excellent videos to show for their efforts. Check out one of their “This Week in Sci-Fi History” pieces below:

This sleek social video is a great example of the content SYFY is regularly producing. Fast-paced, well-made, and playful pieces like this one are perfect for engaging social audiences.

They use high-quality, memorable images from fan favorites to walk through some historical highlights in the world of sci-fi. Tapping the nostalgia and loyalty fandom has to those old favorites prompts engagements, especially comments and shares. Of course, the CTA closing the video pushes viewers to engage, too!

SYFY’s creators put branding to great use throughout. The text-overlay aligns with the channel’s branding in color and font style, making it instantly identifiable to followers.

The 95 second runtime is over the minute and a half mark Facebook requires to run mid-roll ads. This means SYFY can draw ad revenue from video content on Facebook – a major consideration for many publishers right now.

All-around, this video is a stand out. The content and delivery speak directly to SYFY’s core audience, with classic imagery and a humorous, conversational tone. We look forward to all the great videos to come!

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