Stringr’s Catalog Joins Wochit’s Asset Library

Stringr joining Wochit asset library

Today, we’re announcing a new partnership with the leading video marketplace Stringr! Their nationwide network of 25,000 videographers contributes to a vast catalog of content that users of Wochit can now access.

Stringr brings 30,000+ videos covering local and national news events to Wochit users’ fingertips. This is an invaluable addition to our already extensive library of assets from Reuters, Getty, Bloomberg, and more. This new partnership also offers Wochit users the ability to request on-demand footage.
Lindsay Stewart, CEO of Stringr, said “Stringr and Wochit are a natural match. We’re excited about our partnership, bringing more exposure to our network of videographers while offering Wochit’s customers an ever greater selection of assets.”

“You simply cannot have someone shooting video in every place that news is happening,” said Wochit CEO and co-founder, Dror Ginzberg. “Stringr boosts our content library and resolves the issue. With our combined offering, media companies have a powerful new way to provide audiences the most timely and relevant video content.”

We can’t overstate our excitement about this partnership! Wochit’s customers will now have access to hyperlocal, on-demand content from all across the U.S., giving them the assets they need to cover the news wherever it is happening.

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