The Straits Times Brings In-Depth Stories Down to Video Size

The Straits Times is Singapore’s most widely read newspaper and they have embraced social video. Their video strategy sees them regularly publishing multiple videos to Facebook everyday! This piece about the richest man in Malaysia shows off the creative skill of their team. And it’s a great example of how an in-depth story can be translated into a short video.

Check out the piece below:

The creators here use coverage of a memoir to give viewers an abbreviated biography of Mr. Kuok. The life-story of anyone is a long and complex tale. But the creators here smartly choose key elements to highlight. These include quotes and moments from the memoir that are likely unknown to most of the public.

In terms of production, the creators make great use of text-overlay throughout this piece. The text doesn’t just tell the story, it brings additional action and flavor to the video.

Animate the text on-screen word by word creates attention-grabbing motion. Since the video is built on still assets, animating the text in such a way helps to keep the eyes of viewers glued to the screen.

Varying sizes and colors makes text stand out, as well. And the creators use smart, varied text placement to frame images.

The Straits Times’ logo is ever-present in the video. Consistent branding reinforces the source of content for viewers and helps build familiarity with a brand.

The square format is, of course, the best choice for social (and it continues to grow in prevalence). And while this piece is still short – only one minute and eighteen seconds – it is a little longer than what the average used to be. But throughout 2017, we have seen creators and publishers move towards longer pieces for social, with positive results.

We’re always looking forward to the new, great videos The Straits Times creates with Wochit!

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