Sport1 Pulls Social Assets to Craft a Great Video

German television network Sport1 has embraced social video. Their Facebook strategy includes multiple videos a day covering a wide variety of sports and related topics. This recent piece about a body-builder and power-lifter shows off the creative talents of their team.

Check out the video:

This is a great story for social. Its unique subject and great assets make for a video that will engage Sport1’s core audience as well as draw new viewers to their content.

The creators make great use of social content in this video, pulling still images and video clips from the athlete’s Instagram. Interspersed with the social assets are GIFs that mirror the likely reactions of the audience to Nataliya’s incredible physique.

The use of GIFs also help to establish a light-hearted tone to the piece.

The Pocket Guide to Social Video

Well-crafted overlay tells the story. Animating the text on and off screen helps catch the eye of the viewer, while color is used to highlight key words and phrases. Creative placement adds to the rhythm and vibe of the video, while adding another layer of visual engagement.

The overlay is also very much in line with Sport1’s branding. The white and orange of the text matches the color scheme of the Sport1 logo, which is ever-present in the top right corner. Consistent branding helps build familiarity for new viewers and foster loyalty when tied with quality content.

This video is exceptional from start to finish. The creative use of social assets along with slick production choices makes for a standout social video. We look forward to more great videos from Sport1’s team!

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