Social Video Success with Wochit

From sports to entertainment to science, many of the biggest and best online outlets are using Wochit to stay on the forefront of social video, gaining millions of views with videos made on our platform. It’s not hard to imagine why: with Wochit you can make great videos quickly, so you won’t just be joining the conversation, you’ll be leading it.

Check out a few recent social video hits below – all made using Wochit:

The Sport Bible: Michael Owen’s Famous Quotes – 1.9 million views, 12,043 shares

The Sport Bible social video


USA TODAY: Fun Facts About Penguins on Penguin Awareness Day – 130,000 views, 3,510 shares

USA Today Social Video Penguin


CNET: Weird Images Spotted on Mars – 73,000 views, 219 shares

CNET social video


L’Express: Attentats de Paris: le récit d’une effroyable nuit – 1.1 million views, 13,456 shares

L'express social video


Oxygen: How Badly Would It Suck to be North West? – 46,000 views, 33 shares

Oxygen social video


Gazzetta dello Sport – 200,000 views, 571 shares

Gazzetta dello Sport social video

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