Makes a Hit with Gifs, Gal, and Wonder Woman

Colombian publisher Caracol is using Wochit for its video content across multiple channels. Their entertainment and music imprint, Shock, shared this excellent clip about Gal Gadot, her role as Wonder Woman, and the allegations against Hollywood producer and director Brett Ratner. This sharp clip combines a variety of elements into a sharp, captivating social video.

Check the piece out below:

The creators embrace the use of GIFs in this piece. They pepper the video with memorable, standout GIFs of Gadot, many from her smash hit film Wonder Woman. Using them at key points throughout to emphasize elements of the real world story is a creative way to equate Gadot’s actions with her onscreen superhero persona.

The subject of this video primes it for social success. It taps directly into the major conversation happening about Hollywood and sexual harassment. While a heavy subject, this piece focuses on Gadot’s successfully pushing back against the system, offering a more positive story.

Stories that invoke positive and empowering feelings in viewers are always strong performers on social. And tapping into a trending topic is a smart way to draw engagement and new viewers.

Of course, any celebrity-focused content plays well on social. Here, Shock’s video is aimed squarely at their target audience. The combined focus of a big star, hit film, industry news, and ongoing conversation are exactly what Shock’s audience is looking for.

The creators also draw in social content from Gadot’s Instagram. As social increasingly becomes a space where stories unfold, utilizing relevant assets from social posting can be an effective way to flesh out videos.

At 1:43 in length, this piece is primed for monetization through Facebook’s midroll ads. While longer than average, the great assets and creative construction of the video are sure to keep viewers watching all the way to the end.

We look forward to more great videos from Shock and Caracol’s other channels!

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