Red Ants Succeeds with In-depth Video Docs on Social

Red Ants is a Singapore-based publisher focused on telling interesting stories in novel ways. They recently began using Wochit for their video production needs. This piece, which takes an in-depth look at a house that played a major role in Singapore’s history, is one of their first made with Wochit. While they are new to Wochit, their video creators are already knocking it out of the park.

Check out the video below:

The story-telling here is top notch – even viewers who do not read Chinese can easily get the gist of the video. The creators walk the viewer through the storied history of 38 Oxley Road, using text-overlays to tell the story, sharing details and lists as appropriate.

Each block of overlay is kept succinct, so as not to overwhelm viewers. The use of a red text box makes the words pop out over any assets. Animating the overlay boxes also works to constantly renew a viewer’s attention.

The text overlay is also beautifully stylized, with a sharp font choice and drop shadow. The creators are putting the expansive text style tools Wochit offers to good use.

This “Mini Doc,” as they call it, is significantly longer than the typical social video. But the quality of production and information keeps viewers engaged throughout. Viewers are clued into the in-depth nature of the piece with its “Mini Doc” title, and expect a longer piece that dives deep into the topic.

While traditionally social videos operate on a “shorter is better” premise, the last year has seen the length of social videos begin to increase. And viewers are responding positively, showing interst in longer pieces that offer more substance. The makers at Red Ants are taking advantage of this trend to provide in-depth stories that have largely been lacking from social in recent years. And if you still need convincing, Facebook’s Feedpocalypse means that content shared by friends and family will always be prioritized over ads and content from brand pages – all the more reason to ensure that your content is both engaging and share-worthy.

Throughout this video, diverse video and still assets are used, including great historical shots. The Red Ants logo is always visible as a constant reminder to viewers of the source of the content. That branding presence helps build loyalty with viewers.

We look forward to more great videos from Red Ants!

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