Paris Match Brings the News to Their Social Audience

Lagardère Active is a major French media company, with numerous brands, networks, and publications. Their brands like Paris Match, a news magazine, use Wochit for video creation. Paris Match’s creators are delivering news and updates to their audience regularly with video. You can see an example of their efforts in this expert piece about forest fires in the south of France.


Have a look at the video below:


The video kicks off with a demand for attention. The bright yellow title jumps out and offers a gripping statistic about evacuations. The impressive video footage of the smoke rising from the fires is also an eye-catcher.

The video assets throughout this piece are exceptional. They offer a glimpse of the firefighting operation from the air and that’s something audiences don’t see everyday.

The central clip of a large airplane circling to scoop water up from the sea is particularly striking. Despite being a single, long shot, it’s the kind of unique footage that keeps viewers watching.

The use of text overlay throughout the long shot helps guarantee continuous audience engagement. Using animation to being the text on and off screen serves as a simple eye-catching trick. The information relayed and the story being told is sure to be of interest to viewers.


This kind of news coverage is exactly what audiences of Paris Match look for from the brand. Giving updates and info in a digestible, social-friendly way, the publisher is setting itself up for expanding success on social. Viewers are given the type of content they want and expect. That makes them likelier to share it with their own networks and engage through comments and reactions.

The video is a great example of how to cover news content on social. It sticks to a single story and keeps the coverage concise. We look forward to more great videos from Paris Match and other Lagardère Active brands!

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