OxygenTwo Uses Social Video to Inspire Their Audience

Oxygen Two is a video-centric online community of millennials focused on the “beauty of everyday life.” The stories they share cover topics from lifestyle to food to health and beyond. This recent video shows off their knack for finding stories that tap directly into the interests of their millennial followers. And it shows that a sponsored video can feel very different than what you might expect.

Check out the video below:

This video is a sponsored piece, made in partnership with the tech company CA technology. But outside the link in the video’s description, that isn’t immediately obvious.

Instead of playing like an ad or a pitch, as many sponsored videos often do, this piece does things a little differently. It tells a story to a particular audience that ties to the sponsoring partners mission (and more specifically, the initiative that is linked to).

With a story tailored to OxygenTwo’s audience, the content feels genuine and is naturally more engaging than if it came off as a direct pitch. Leveraging this kind of thematic content for a partnership allows content marketers to engage new audiences in unique, effective ways by tapping their interests and emotions.

Of course, the production of this piece is excellent. The creators use stellar video assets that align with the theme. Video assets are naturally more engaging and keep viewers watching.

The story – “Why You Think Working In Tech Is Cool” – is handled in a fun, playful way. We’re given shots and scenes of the cool culture of tech workplaces, with a focus on the young, relaxed, and hip nature of the industry.

Text overlay is used throughout to great effect. The color boxes make the text pop out over any background and asset. And the text itself is kept short and clear, never overwhelming viewers with too much at once.

This fun, inspiring video speaks directly to the millennial audience of OxygenTwo, and it works to pique their interest in technology, something the sponsored partner is aiming for. We look forward to more great videos from the creators at OxygenTwo!

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