Why should news publishers be making social videos?

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The Pocket Guide to Social Video

News publishers are not strangers to video. From traditional broadcasting to video on content on their websites, many news organizations – regardless of their size – have a history with the moving image. Despite this familiarity with video, some publishers are uncertain about utilizing social video. Can the short length and playful snippets be reconciled with hard news? And what do publishers have to gain?

The most direct answers are “yes” and “a lot”! Let’s take a closer look at why news publishers should be making social videos:

Social video isn’t anti-news

We all know that the most successful social videos are short and entertaining. Those are adjectives aren’t readily associated with most news video, which is often long, in-depth, and focused on information, not entertainment.

But that doesn’t mean social video shouldn’t be part of a news publisher’s strategy. Short updates on breaking news, raw footage as events unfold, or even quick summaries of big stories that are trending are just a few possible approaches to pushing hard news content on social video. But what’s the point of making these efforts?

Grow your audience

There’s arguably no better way to find and attract new audience members than through social. Billions of people use social media every day to connect, read, engage, and – most importantly – watch. Video is the most popular form of content on social media, hands down.

Put that popularity to use! Offering up original, valuable video content can help quickly grow your social following. As those followers develop trust in your organization, they’ll be motivated to move past your social presence to your website, where your more substantial content (both video and otherwise) is housed.

Connect with a new generation

While social networks attract users of every age, it’s no secret that social is especially popular among the younger generation. And consider that this demographic is especially interested in video content. It’s they who drove Snapchat to its position as the fastest growing social network, after all.

A strong social presence focused on video positions you to connect with this demographic. Even if they are not your ideal audience right now, creating a relationship of trust and familiarity with them is simply smart business. Engage the young generation now and you can create loyal audience members for life.

Meet the future as a leader

It’s clear that the popularity of online video – including news video – is not slowing down. Every major publisher and brand is shifting towards making video an integral part of their digital strategies. And all the major social networks are regularly rolling out ever more video-centric features.

News publishers who make social video a foundation of their efforts can take a leading position as video continues to grow. Make social video your own, set the bar for others, and find success with an ever-growing audience.


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