Viacom’s MTV Italia Gets Started with Wochit

Viacom Italia recently began using Wochit for the video needs of their numerous brands and channels. MTV Italia is one of those brands and their first video is a sharp, social piece about actress Cara Delevigne. This video listicle shows off a variety of eye-catching tactics for keeping viewers watching.

Click below to check out the video:

The listicle format is a great one for social video. Just as it is a proven and popular form for written content, so it is for video, too! It gives a natural structure to the video. And it creates viewer expectation and helps hold interest for the length of the video.

This video is also a nice, short length for full viewing. In fact, it’s brief 48 second runtime falls in the perfect length for social. The vast majority of videos that go viral are between 30 seconds and one minute long.

MTV’s creators also optimized this piece for mobile viewing. With no voiceover and a story told entirely through overlay, viewers can fully enjoy the piece anywhere, anytime.

The overlay is also playful and eye-catching. The color boxes and bright text make the overlay pop out of the screen. By animating the overlay and moving it to different parts of the screen, the viewer is kept engaged.

The creators chose a nice mix of assets for this clip. They have a good mix of high quality stills and video, all with different character. They also utilize Wochit’s social tools to bring in Instagram posts from the star’s account.

All-in-all this debut video from MTV Italia is an excellent social piece. It is optimized in most every way, from excellent visuals to its brief length to its listicle format. We look forward to even more great videos from MTV Italia and the other brands of Viacom Italia!

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