Mediaset Brands Set the Social Video Bar High with Wochit

Mediaset is an Italian media company and the largest commercial broadcaster in Italy. They recently chose to use Wochit for social video creation across their wide selection of brands and channels. One such brand is L’Isola dei Famosi, a celebrity style show. This recent video shows off the skill of their creative team in crafting unique, playful content for social audiences.

Check out the video:

This piece is all about making the viewer laugh by contrasting the way things are presented in high-production TV and film, versus the “real life”. The video is not only humorous, but also speaks directly to the brand’s target audience. The clip features celebrities, favorite shows, and reality icons that L’Isola dei Famosi’s audience know and love.

The humor and celebrity focus are strong plays for picking up new viewers and audience members, too. Celebrity coverage is extremely popular on social, and humor is one of the biggest drivers of views and engagement.

On the production side, this piece really shines. The custom graphics and overlay leap off the screen. And the color palette matches the branding of L’Isola dei Famosi, reinforcing brand identity and building familiarity.

The ever-present logo in the top right corner helps with this, as well.

The creators utilize great video assets throughout this piece. Moving images are more stimulating to the mind, and keep viewers engaged. Funny GIFs are also used as separators between each short segment.

Start to finish, this piece stands out and encourages engagement. The square format is increasingly prevalent, and naturally catches more eyes with the larger real estate it takes up. While the video runs slightly longer than the viral sweet spot of less than a minute, we’ve seen slightly longer run times gaining popularity on social (among viewers and creators both), and keeping it lighthearted and funny is always a smart move on social.

We can’t wait to see more videos from L’Isola dei Famosi and all of Mediaset’s brands!

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