A match made in video heaven: Time Inc. partners with Wochit

Today, we are thrilled to announce a new partnership with Time Inc! This partnership with Wochit will allow Time Inc. to continue its video transformation and growth trajectory that already has the publisher on track to create more than 40,000 pieces of video content this year.

Video has become a central part of Time Inc.’s offerings across all of its properties (including influential brands such as People, Sports Illustrated, InStyle, and Time), and the Wochit platform will aid in their ever-growing video efforts, especially those focused on trending stories and breaking news.

In honor of this partnership, we want to share with you three great videos from Time Inc. brands that were created with the Wochit platform:

InStyle: 10 New TV Shows to Watch This Summer

This one-minute crash course in the best new TV of the summer balances still photo assets with video clips from the series. Text is kept to a minimum, simply offering up the name and premiere date of each series alongside compelling footage.

Entertainment Weekly: Meet the warrior women training Wonder Woman

The bright, rapid-fire intro of this “News Flash” is the kind of opening that grabs the attention of a viewer. Thorough text overlay assures that this video works completely on mute, but a smooth backing track elevates the experience for viewers who have their sound turned on.

Health: 5 Reasons You’re Tired All The Time

Finally, this video offers excellent use of voiceover. It’s clearly spoken and well-paced with the visual assets, while still full of fine detail for each point.

Time Inc.’s various brands are already well-versed in producing great content with Wochit. This new partnership is sure to bring countless new, exciting videos to life!

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