Land Transport Authority Gives Us a Great Explainer Video

Land Transport Authority is an agency tasked with planning and maintaining transport infrastructure in Singapore. To keep the community well-informed and build rapport, LTA uses social video to connect with the public. This recent piece showcases how their talented team breaks down new initiatives and changes for commuters.

Check it out below:

The title, “2-Minute Guide to the New Rail Financing Framework,” gives a clear indicator to would-be viewers of the video’s subject. Commuters interested in better understanding the new rail financing system know that this is the video for them, and the video delivers on the expectations the title has set up.

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The video breaks down the changes and the new system into bite-sized pieces, and uses succinct overlays to highlight the big points and provides key insights. Color boxes are used to help text stand out over different backgrounds, and the colors used match and compliment the Land Transport Authority’s logo. With great video, stills, and GIFs of Singapore’s train system, this video is a great explainer.

The video also shifts at its midpoint, moving from an explanation of the new system to a list of the benefits to commuters. This transition comes with a change in overlay style.

The creators run through three key benefits of the system using large blue icons. The benefits pop up one by one at the bottom of the screen. This subtle shift in style visually ties together the new set of information, while making it distinct from the description that came before.

Using different overlay styles is a simple way to segment a video into distinct sections. The shift in style also helps recapture the attention of viewers. Like all great social videos, the piece closes with a CTA. This encourages viewers to like LTA’s Facebook page to keep up with transport news, and even features a playful emoji!

This is an excellent explainer video and a great example of content marketing. Sharing expert social videos like this allows LTA to clearly communicate with the public and build a relationship with them through video. We look forward to more of their great videos!

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