INSH Makes Their Mark with Outstanding Social Videos

INSH is an online publisher focused on telling stories that amaze. From big topics of science and nature down to the stories of individuals, INSH takes a wide look at the fascinating world we live in. And they do it with outstanding style! And this piece about the collision is a great example of their creative skills. With over 400,000 views, it’s a hit, too!

Check out the piece below:

The video kicks off as all of INSH’s do: with a quick burst of images to capture attention. An interest piquing title overlay is used during the intro to further intrigue viewers.

Using this six-second intro template across their videos is a perfect branding play for Facebook. Viewers who are familiar with their content will instantly recognize a video as being from INSH. Even new viewers seeing their first INSH video will immediately create an association with the style.

Beyond the intro, the creators put together a stellar video. High-quality assets are used throughout. And the video overwhelmingly uses moving images, which hold the attention of the audience.

Sharp text overlay tells the story succinctly and never gets in the way of great images. Color and animation is used to make text pop out at viewers. The creators also give especially striking images a few moments to speak for themselves, text-free.

The square format is best for social. And the two minute run time means this video can be use for monetization. Videos must be at least 90 seconds long to qualify for Facebook’s mid-roll ads. Over the last year, social videos have started to grow in length across the board.

The creators close with a custom call-to-action that prompts shares and likes. And their branding, ever-present throughout, is highlighted in the outro to reinforce it for the audience.

INSH’s great videos never fail to educate and entertain. We look forward to more of their great content!

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