How To Increase – or Begin – Video Production Without a Big Budget

Editors and newsroom managers the world over are looking a new challenge squarely in the face: video. Whether you’re being tasked with increasing video production for your organization or getting the video initiative off the ground, you’re likely asking how you can meet your goals without breaking the bank. We have some key advice on taking your video efforts to the next level while keeping your expenses to a minimum.

Repurpose everywhere you can

Spare your team the time of creating new videos from scratch every single time by repurposing content. That’s not just re-using the same video again in different places. It’s also the re-using and remixing of assets and concepts.

Not every video requires fresh assets from the field, rather you can draw from your own archives or stock libraries. If you have longer videos, you might be able to separate out smaller concepts within them into shorter pieces. And if you make a point to craft some evergreen content, you can reuse and reshare videos over time. All of the above takes some pressure off of yourself and your team while still effectively offering greater video content to your audience.

Empower existing staff

You don’t need to hire in a whole new team to ramp up video, instead, turn to the creatives on your staff who are excited about video. Your existing staff simply knows your organization, voice, and identity. They can start creating right away in a tone and style that fits.

You want the first few people you choose to create video to be excited about the prospect. This turns them into internal champions for video in your organization, which can help foster excitement and interest among more hesitant staff.

Develop reusable formats

Whatever your organization’s primary focus, it’s likely that there are few types of stories you’re often telling (such as recaps of sporting events, breaking political news, etc.) With these regular types of content in mind, develop a few standard formats – set length, asset and branding placement, etc. – for your creators to utilize.

Doing so simplifies the process of creating and can save critical time, especially if you want to get a video piece out quickly. Giving your creators some basic structures will also help them increase output rapidly and ease new creators into the process of video-making.

Create social-friendly videos

Even if your organization’s main goal is to beef up video offerings on your O&O site, all of your video creations should be optimized for social. This makes is simple and easy to reuse videos across social channels as well as your website. And while all the same rules of social video don’t have to apply to videos on your own site, you can be sure that viewers will respond better to content that falls within the familiar and accessible styles of social video.

Use technology to your advantage

Traditional, heavy-duty video editors takes a long time to use and often require at least one dedicated, trained professional. But technology (like Wochit) exists now to make video-creation easy for anyone. Simple, intuitive video-making, alongside libraries of visual assets, can be a huge boon to your organization.

Your creators can find content for videos quickly, and produce them them rapidly for social or your own site. The odds are that your organization needs to output more than one video a day – new technologies can help you reach this goal with ease!

New initiatives to launch video production or scale it up significantly can provide a real challenge and new stresses for editors and their teams. Thankfully, you can overcome these challenges without a big bump in your budget. Through planning, coordination, and flexibility, you and your team will be hitting your goals in no time.

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