Inc. Southeast Asia is Leveraging the Full Power of Wochit

Inc. Southeast Asia is a licensee of Inc., the leading media brand for start-ups and entrepreneurs. They recently began using Wochit for all their video needs and already their talented creative team is making stunning social videos. They are exploring and experimenting with the full suite of Wochit features in this video offering advice to small businesses about working with freelancers.

Have a look at the video below:

This piece is instantly eye-catching with the animated overlay and background video assets. The colored text boxes make the overlay really jump out from the screen. Grabbing viewers’ attention in the first few seconds is critical to keep them watching.

Throughout the video, the creators make exceptional use of text overlay. Different styles are deployed for each major category of advice and quotes from the experts. Animation and different colored boxes keep the text popping out over the visual assets.

The creators utilize video assets throughout, which is a great way to keep the audience engaged. The movement keeps the eyes and mind engaged with your content.

Of course, the square format helps on Facebook, too. And the short length assures viewers are likelier to stay tuned in for the full video.

This video also delivers on the content it promises, dishing out actionable advice for viewers to put to use in their own business practices. The listicle format is a surefire bet on social, as well, regularly proving to be an accessible and popular content format.

Simple logo branding is present throughout the video, allowing viewers to instantly identify the source and build familiarity. The closing CTA is a great one, directing the audience over to Inc. Southeast Asia’s website for additional advice, which is also linked in the description.

The creators at Inc. Southeast Asia take advantage of the full power of Wochit in this piece, crafting an outstanding, memorable social video. We can’t wait to see what they share next!

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