How to Repurpose Content Into Video

One of the hardest parts of creating great content consistently is the constant search for good ideas. But what if I told you that you have plenty of untapped content potential right at your fingertips? Well, you do.

Take advantage of any good idea you ever had and simply repurpose content (=posts you’ve already written) into a video!

Here are a few tips to help you find the hidden potential in your existing work and repurpose content like a pro:

Turn that great blog post into a memorable video

Want to get more your message across to more people? Transform it into a video! Pull voiceover and text overlays from your pre-existing copy and combine with visual assets to tell the story in a whole new way. Videos get more engagement and shares on social media than any other posts, so you’ll also be reaching a whole new audience.

Examples from our partners:

When covering this peculiar Kit Kat story, New York Daily News combined both text and video. Within days, the post gained thousands of shares on Facebook.

USA Today showed how a combination of compelling video and strong text easily gets people engaged with an important topic like healthcare.

Teasers aren’t just for the movies

If your content is lengthy or highly-detailed, create a snappy video to pull your audience to it. Video is great at communicating complicated concepts. Present the broad idea, a few quick points to pique interest, and a click-through to the original piece. Most importantly, keep it short!

Examples from our partners:

We The Unicorns made the perfect teaser video to lead readers from Facebook to their site.

El mundo wrote in length about the Bill Cosby trial and accompanied the article with a 1 minute, quickly digestible, video.

Bring your evergreen content to life

Does your brand have SEO-optimized evergreen content that can translate to video? Step-by-step instructions, product information, and classic white papers are just a few things that can be transformed easily into a video, and enriched by visuals and infographics, giving you more impactful evergreen assets.

Examples from our partners:

Patch took the evergreen subject of freezing pipes and made it shine with video.

Fit For Fun did the same (but in German), taking their scrumptious piece about breakfast sandwiches to the next level.

Make your most popular posts live again

Repurposing a great post into video gives it a new life. Has the conversation returned to a topic you successfully engaged with before? Bringing that post to video gives you a great reason to repost and re-promote it while remaining relevant in the discussion and connecting with new audiences.

Examples from our partners:

The SPORT Bible took this popular post and transformed it into this hilarious Facebook video.

Kiplinger chose to think ahead, after writing this thorough post about personal finance, they made this wonderfully insightful matching video, ready for distribution.


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