How can publishers increase engagement with Facebook videos?

The value of a strong Facebook presence is well-known to publishers. As the largest social network in the world, you are sure to find your target audience on Facebook, as well as countless potential audiences to tap into. Getting those users engaged with your content is the key to social. But trying to make a space on a behemoth network like Facebook also means being smart. Feeds are cluttered and competition for attention is as high as it can get. So what can you do to drive engagement?

Make video your strategy

The best piece of advice for pushing Facebook engagement to the next level is to make video your strategy. All the recent data shows that not only is engagement with video content growing but engagement for other types of content – like links and text statuses – are in sharp decline

The most staggering disparity comes when you compare what content users “share.” Videos from publishers are shared seven times more than links!

How can publishers increase engagement in Facebook

Source: Newswhip, 2016

The reason for the shifts aren’t totally clear, but we know Facebook is actively promoting video more aggressively, and in all its forms from live video broadcasts to native uploads. You should take advantage of that initiative by pushing more video out on your feeds.Videos for Facebook

Post consistently and at the right time

You have to present in the feed for followers to notice you, which means consistently posting content. There’s no perfect schedule, just try to keep things regular, with two or three posts a day.

Also, keep in mind when you are posting. The best times to post vary day to day, so check out our blog on the best time to post on social to gain more insight on those particulars. But keep in mind, too, that your particular audience may have usage habits that buck the trends.

Pay attention to your insights

Facebook provides a variety of analytics for Pages, so use them! Pay attention to what posts garner the best response from your followers. Are they focused around a similar subject? Posted at the same time each week? Watch the trends and learn what your audience responds to.

Interact with your audience

Don’t simply broadcast your content into the social abyss – make it part of a conversation with your audience. Include CTAs that ask questions or prompt comments, and be sure to respond when your followers engage. That direct interaction creates a connection between you and your audience. And activity on a post raises its profile in the feeds of others.

We said it before, but it bears repeating: if you’re not already, start using video. It’s your best bet on increasing engagement and growing your audience.  Combined with our other tips, video will take your Facebook engagement to all new heights!

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