Heute’s Video Strategy Catches a Ride with Wochit

Heute is the largest free daily newspaper in Austria, and they recently began using Wochit for their video creation needs. This includes multiple videos a day on Facebook, with select pieces being shared on Twitter, as well. A recent piece about Vienna’s first self-driving bus is a perfect case study for how Heute is using video to engage audiences locally and beyond.

Check out the piece below:

This story is a great one for social, as well as a perfect selection for Heute’s core audience. As the most read daily paper in Vienna, the debut of the city’s first self-driving bus is a story of direct interest to many of Heute’s readers.

Beyond that local interest, the piece taps into several ongoing trends and conversations on social. Discussion around self-driving vehicles and public transit are near-constants, especially in the wake of Uber’s fatal autonomous car crash in March, and as the way people are transported changes around the world. This piece taps into Heute’s target audience while also drawing in views and interest from a larger pool.

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The video is built around excellent video footage of the self-driving bus. Viewers are treated to footage of the bus in action, even being tested by having a pedestrian walk right in front of it (thankfully, the bus does its job and stops!)

This is exactly the content that Heute’s audience is looking for, and by utilizing actual video footage of the event (as opposed to just editorial or creative content), viewers are more highly engaged.

The creators tell the story through succinct overlay and use a color box to help it stand out over shifting assets.  The overlay smartly makes use of color to highlight key phrases using Heute’s brand colors.

Throughout the video, Heute’s logo is present in the upper right hand corner. This serves as a constant reminder of the video’s source, and assures that even viewers who may not watch all the way through are clued into the publisher of the piece. A nice full-screen splash closes the video for viewers who watch all the way through.

We look forward to more great video from Heute’s team!

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