Grazia UK is Rolling Twitter Into their Video Strategy

Grazia UK is the British edition of the global weekly women’s magazine. Their editorial team has embraced a video strategy that includes Twitter. 2018 is shaping up to be a major year for social video on Twitter, and Grazia UK doesn’t want to miss out. This recent piece was made for International Women’s Day and is a great video for Twitter.

Check out the video below:

Showcasing empowering quotes by famous women is a perfect way to celebrate International Women’s Day. It offers an engaging and memorable experience for viewers, especially Grazia’s core audience.

As a women’s magazine, their audience naturally looks to them for insightful content around women’s issues. This video works to serve their dedicated audience while also tapping into the social conversation around International Women’s Day.

The Pocket Guide to Social Video

The piece is well-made for social success. The square format is the best choice for Twitter because it takes up more visual space than horizontal videos. Square also previews in full-size, making it more eye-catching as people scroll through their feeds. Square simply helps a video stand out, which makes all the difference on social, especially for mobile viewers.

The creators use high-quality stills throughout the piece. The memorable shots of iconic women help to captivate the audience’s eye. They move quickly between assets, keeping viewers engaged and eager for the next quote.

Animating the text box onto and off of the screen serves to consistently recapture the eye of the viewer. That bit of stimulation helps keep viewers tuned in until the end.

In addition, the length of the video falls into the viral range for social, clocking in at just under a minute. The brevity that Twitter is well-known for means that short videos are still the best bet on the platform.

This is a sharp and short video primed for success on Twitter. We look forward to more great videos from the team at Grazia UK!

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