GQ France Uses Wochit to Tell Neymar’s Tale

GQ France recently began using the Wochit platform to handle their video production needs. Already their creators are sharing highly polished, expert social videos. This video about football star Neymar is a great example of the work they’re doing.

Check out the video below:

This video moves at a rapid pace, jumping between different shots of action on the field. That quick rhythm means the attention of the audience is being captured and re-captured every few seconds.

The quality of the assets at use here isn’t to be overlooked. The creators have found exciting, high-def shots and standout moments to integrate into this piece.

Utilizing all video footage helps keep viewers tuned in, as well. The constant motion naturally draws attention. While this video clocks in at a longer-than-average two minutes, the rapidfire assets and excitement on the field is more than enough to keep viewers engaged.

The creators put text overlay to great use here. It contextualizes certain moments and facts, but is also utilized to lead the audience through different segments.

The creators are sure to never let the text get in the way of the action. It is kept succinct and out of the center of the frame, letting the game footage have the starring role throughout. And while the overlay makes this video fully enjoyable regardless of the viewing context, there is a pulsing backing track for viewers with the sound on.

The overlay is also styled to match GQ France’s branding. The white background and font choice for the black text matches the GQ splash seen at the end of the video. As you’ve heard from us before, this simple technique of styling your videos to match your branding is an easy, effective way to develop familiarity and recognizability among social audiences.

This is just one of numerous excellent videos the team at GQ France has created with Wochit. We’re looking forward to even more!

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