Framtiden Knows Social Video Isn’t Just for Media Companies

Framtiden is a Norwegian NGO focused on environmental issues, and they recently began using Wochit for video creation! They are using video in their strategy to build a social following, spread their message, and share relevant information with their target audiences. While much of the talk around social video focuses on its use for publishers and media companies, social engagement is an important tool for many different kinds of entities, including nonprofits and NGOs. Framtiden is already making some great videos with Wochit!

Check out this piece about environmental poisons in sunscreen:

The creators kick off with a video clip of a young girl begrudgingly having sunscreen applied. Starting off with a moving image helps instantly capture audience attention, doubly so when the content stands out (as it does here by being cute and humorous).

In fact, video clips are utilized throughout a majority of the piece. It’s always best to use video footage when you can, as the movement naturally draws attention, helping to keep your audience engaged. The creators also move through a number of clips that are varied and diverse, making every moment something new for the viewer.

Framtiden puts text overlay to use here to tell their story creatively. The bits of text are kept short an succinct, and are kept onscreen long enough to be read. Animating the text on and off the screen is also another simple way to re-up the audience’s attention. And, of course, the use of overlay allows the video to work on mute.

The content of this piece is a great fit for the organization. It offers insight and information that their target audience is sure to be interested in. This targeting of content helps increase engagement, which naturally brings the video into new feeds of non-followers.

The branding throughout the video, in the top right corner, works to reinforce the creating entity and start building familiarity with new audiences.

All-around, this is a sharp, well-crafted social clip. We look forward to even more from Framtiden!

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