The Four Elements of Good Video Strategy

We all understand the power of video in today’s world. On social media, on publishers’ sites, everywhere we turn online – video dominates. Its influence on social, especially, can’t be overstated. Video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined! That’s incredible power.

Publishers and brands from across industries are wise to video and pursuing it in full force. For example, 79% of digital publishers planned to increase their online video investment in 2016. Judging from the endless stream of online video we’ve seen this year, it’s safe to assume the vast majority followed through on those plans.

Effectively leveraging video isn’t as simple as just crafting and sharing videos, though. You need a focused strategy to get the most out of online video. And every good video strategy is composed of four primary components.

1. Think social

Not all video is created equal. Certain types of content are better suited to different purposes (an hour-long product demo, for example, is not the type of content that does well on social).

A strong video strategy is social-centric. It’s through social video brands and publishers of any kind can grow their following and reach new audiences.

In tailoring your content to social, be sure to keep your videos under one minute. Start them with a bang, to captivate viewers and keep them watching. Focus on fully engaging viewers, by prompting a response with questions, focusing on trending topics, and tapping emotions. Finally, consider non-traditional aspect ratios, such as square or vertical – both of which are revolutionizing viewing on social.

2. Keep your numbers up

Quality always trumps quantity, but there’s something to be said for quantity when it comes to video strategy. Publishers need to create videos at scale, in regards to their full suite of content.
What exactly “at scale” means will vary for different outlets. But consider that 9 of the 10 most-watched media brands publish a minimum of 5 videos a day.

Consistently sharing new content serves a two-fold purpose. First, more content simply means more opportunities to get new eyes on your videos. Second, you can never predict the virality of a video, so the more you’re creating, the better chance you have of scoring a hit.

3. Open up creation

Once upon a time video creation was limited to only a highly-experienced team, often working through a complicated and expensive process. Luckily, tools like Wochit exist to make it possible for anyone to easily create quality videos.

With the high demand for online video, though, many outlets still have dedicated video teams. There’s nothing wrong with this, and in many cases, it is necessary to keep up with demand. However, don’t limit your video efforts – especially your social video efforts – to just this team.

Writers, marketers, editors, and any member of your organization is a resource. They all can and should be creating videos to pair with their non-video content and support the greater strategy. A wide variety of creative voices and perspectives only strengthens your efforts.

4. Tailor your voice

Your brand’s voice plays an important role in your social video content. Be sure to tailor that tone to social platforms. Be playful, direct, and funny when able. Social users respond best to voices that feel distinctly human, not like the long arm of a marketing division.

Your voice is more than just the language and tone, it’s also the nature of video content. Balance your efforts between trending, of-the-moment content and evergreen videos that can be reshared or recut. Striking such a balance allows you to consistently affirm your identity while also presenting a relevant voice responding to the moment.

A solid video strategy, like any effort, requires plenty of trial and error. Don’t be afraid to take risks, and don’t be disheartened if not every single effort works out. Social media and consumer desires are ever-changing. As habits shift, new trends emerge, and your audience grows, never stop experimenting and fine-tuning your efforts. Active adaptation will only bring you greater success.

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