Elle Germany Serves Up a Social Video Hit

Elle Germany offers a variety of great social videos for their audiences. Their creators look beyond the fashion-centric foundations of the brand to bring all kinds of interesting and entertaining stories to life. This recent piece about the health benefits of gin really took off with their viewers. It currently has over 2.6 million views, 40,000 comments, 4,000 shares, and 16,000 reactions!

Check out the video below:

The unique story is highlighted by some playful share text that translates to “Good news for all gin fans.” Such a headline naturally piques interest to draw in viewers, and the creators delivers with a fun, fascinating clip.

The combination of some humor to draw viewers in along with the interesting and educational content is an effective technique on social. It sets up expectations for viewers and delivers on them.

The square format is the best for social, and has exploded in use over the last year. The 59-second runtime is also in the viral sweetspot.

Moving image assets are used throughout the clip, which help to hold and recapture the attention of viewers. The creators open with a nice video asset, grabbing attention immediately.

Colored boxes make the text-overlay pop out over any asset. And succinct writing assures that viewers are not overwhelmed b the amount of text on-screen.

Elle’s logo is present throughout the video so it instantly alertsviewers to the source of the content their enjoying. This helps build familiarity and ongoing interest in the publisher’s content.

The creators at Elle Germany hit all the best practices for social video and their efforts really paid off! We look forward to even more great videos from their team in the new year.

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