Elle France Shows They Are Social Video Experts

Elle France is crafting expert social videos at a rate of several a day. These sharp pieces are driving hundreds of thousands of views, robust conversation threads, and tons of shares. And, of course, they’re using Wochit to keep up the pace and quality! This short piece about cactus-themed cakes is a great example of the expertise of Elle France’s creative team.

Check out the video below:

The creators have sourced some absolutely gorgeous photos of equally stunning cakes for this piece. They keep it simple, focusing on the great visuals and keeping a steady pace cutting between photos.

The video is built from Instagram content, using Wochit’s features that allow creators to easily import posts from all the major social platforms. Pulling in social posts allows for a greater variety of content in many videos, and in a clip like this, enhances the opportunity for engagement. Audiences of the bakers and decorators who are featured, as well as the creators themselves, are likely to be drawn to Elle France’s content (some maybe for the first time).

The piece is truly optimized for social. It works on mute because it is all about the imagery, letting the eye-catching cakes speak for themselves. The short overlay at the opening contextualizes the video, but it is all the creators need.

The square format of course affords more visual real estate in feeds – making the video even more eye-catching. And at a brief 38 seconds, the video is in the sweet spot for maximum social impact.

Unique subjects like these cakes make for great social content. With the trendiness of succulents, Elle France has found a nice way to tap into the broad interest in those plants from an original angle.

This is just one of many excellent videos Elle France is creating and sharing every day. We’re glad they’ve chosen Wochit to help drive their efforts!

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