Social Video Optimization: a powerful addition to Wochit

social video optimization wochit

Our mission has always been to give publishers the power to make videos worth sharing. Today, we’re announcing a powerful update that makes creating and sharing videos even easier.

Introducing Social Video Optimization! This new feature enables Wochit creators to rapidly generate and distribute social video that is optimized specifically for the social network or digital platform of their choice. With this feature, you will instantly increase your video inventory and deliver a platform-optimized viewer experience.

Highlights include:

•  Instant-adjust of video aspect ratio for maximal exposure in Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube
•  Support for vertical video as well as wide, traditional and square formats
•  Auto-adjust of text overlays
•  Smart centering and cropping
•  One-click native upload to social platforms

Video is a major revenue driver for publishers, and distribution on social media has been recognized as having an overwhelmingly positive impact on capturing audiences. Our new social video optimization toolset is built to support your video efforts by accelerating your video strategy without additional resources and powering an optimal viewing experience for your audience.

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