How to Create Videos that People Will Share

videos that people actually share

Facebook recently announced major updates to their News Feed that have big implications for publishers. Content shared by users’ friends and family will rank higher, appearing higher in feeds. Content that Facebook’s algorithms believe you’ll find informative and entertaining – regardless of its source – are also being prioritized in this update. These updates mean publishers need to continue focusing on driving engagement, and should particularly hone in on content that users will share.

We already know that video is the most shared content type on Facebook, so publishers with a video-centric strategy are already ahead of the game. But what are the elements of a video that people want to share it?

Here are a few things to keep in mind when trying to maximize your video’s shareability:

It’s all about emotion

People are motivated to share by emotional responses, so make evoking strong emotions the center of your videos. In particular, positive emotions are your best bet for provoking sharing.

If you can warm a viewer’s heart, make them laugh, or wow them with some astonishing footage, they’ll want to share that experience with the friends and families in their network. Your content’s best bet for being seen by new eyes is now through those shares.

Connect with your audience

You know your audience, use that insight to craft your videos specifically to them and prompt their engagement. Make videos that inform and intrigue, to get conversations started amongst them.

Also consider what your audience members may want to say about themselves, with your content. Everything we share on social media is a projection of ourselves and our interests. A video that speaks to your audience on a personal level is something they’ll want to share.

Learn from your metrics

You should already be regularly turning to your Facebook analytics to track the performance of your videos. But now, engagement analytics are more important than ever.

As the changes to Facebook’s News Feed settle in, carefully track metrics. When you score a big success with a lot of shares, try to emulate what worked so well in that video. Similarly, when something underperforms, try to parse out what may have kept it from doing as well.

While engagement has been the primary goal of publishers on Facebook, sharing – specifically – should now be the aim of all your video content. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different tactics in your videos as you get a feel for how the updated News Feed will affect your visibility. Aim for big emotional impact and learn from your successes!

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