CNBC International Finds Social Video Success on Instagram

CNBC International has embraced Instagram as part of their social video strategy. From news coverage to inspirational quotes to entertaining stories, they’re now offering a wide variety of video to their audience. This recent piece about relations between the US and North Korea shows the skill of their creative team in crafting succinct news coverage that are perfect for social.

Watch the video below:

This is a sharp piece that delivers the kind of coverage CNBC’s audience looks for from the publisher. It quickly but comprehensively covers the latest developments, focusing on the prospect of a meeting between President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

The story is told through overlay, which the creators keep succinct to ensure that viewers are never overwhelmed by too much text on screen. And the overlay is displayed for long enough to be comfortably read.

Stylish animations are used to bring text onto and off of the screen and key phrases are highlighted through the use of color. Both tactics help to draw the eye of the viewer, keeping their attention focused on the video.

In addition to overlay, the creators also quickly break for some video with audio of a speech given by President Trump. For viewers with the sound on, this is another attention-grabbing highlight. And the inclusion may prompt some with the sound off to turn it on. But for those who stick to mute, the clip is a brief enough interlude as to not lose their attention.

The creators also show off a bit of flair in this piece, creatively placing a variety of quotes from Kim Jong Un around his face. This break from the style of the rest of the piece is a nice exercise in changing the pace for viewers.

Excellent visual assets, including stills and video, are utilized throughout this piece. From start to finish, this is a sharp bit of news coverage from CNBC. We look forward to seeing even more of their great videos on Instagram!

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